Left to right: Klemen project manager, Rohan founder, and me, Matt, copywriter and consultant at the Blockchain World Expo Berlin March 2018.

The Simple Way We Helped Raise Millions Of Dollars From 2,969 New ICO Investors In Just 3 Weeks

By Matthew Oxborrow, Copywriter and ICO marketing consultant

If you’re launching an ICO soon, what you’re about to read could be the difference between failing to reach your soft-cap and reaching your hard cap without breaking a sweat.

Check out the stats from this 3 week campaign below (there’s a screenshot for proof further down the page):

Key Stats

  • 4,788,067 impressions — Times the video advert was showed on Youtube.
  • 809,726 Views — People who watched without skipping.
  • 83,279 clicks — Number of people who followed the call to action to visit the sales page. YES.. that’s over 10% of the people who watched the video clicked through to the sales page.
  • 2,969 new investors directly from watching the video advert — 3.57% sales page conversion rate from cold video traffic.
  • 300% increase in organic, branded Google searches for the project throughout campaign.
  • Turned €35,052 ad spend into millions in investment

Marketing is (or should be) about results.

What follows is the exact process from start to finish we used to help a well-known and popular ICO raise (what they tell us is) tens of millions of dollars from 2,969 investors in less than 3 weeks during their ICO — and the numbers are still rising.

I’m about to break down the script, the video production process, the Youtube ad spend, the targeting, and conversions with specific numbers and proof so you can see exactly what we did that worked so well.

Let’s begin…


The owner of the successful ICO hired Rohan Kale to produce a series of six different videos to get ICO investment to speed up the expansion and roll out of their charging stations throughout hotels worldwide.

The videos were aimed at different types of ICO investor.

The first two videos — the main ones — follow Rohan Kale’s Behavioural Lead Journey System which I’ll talk more about shortly as it is these videos that generated the results of this case study.

The remaining four videos were aimed at private and corporate investors. These videos also contributed to millions in further investment, but the direct link with real proof and measurable data is more difficult to provide.

They needed to take a great idea and turn it into two videos that captured the public’s attention (so they wouldn’t skip the ads) and generate enough curiosity, interest, and desire so the public would follow the call to action.. and that’s exactly what they did.

The Videos — About The Behavioural Lead Journey System

You can’t expect quality results with a poor quality video, not when we’re talking about representing big businesses with big ideas.

That’s why Rohan Kale employs a crack team of copywriters, voiceover artists, graphic and animation specialists, and project managers to get the video right every step of the way.

Just one weak link can tank results.

With the team in place, Rohan uses the unique Behavioural Lead Journey System to turn cold prospects into active buyers in the shortest time possible.

Here’s how it works:

The Behavioural Lead Journey System

Video 1 is a high-level video focussing on key messages, promises and a problem-solution narrative that grabs the attention of the target market and builds there desire so they’re ready to click through and follow the call to action.

Video 2 is the more technical and specific of the two. It’s best used for retargeting viewers who watched the first video but didn’t click through. It acts as a second touch point to increase awareness and it repeats the key messages but offers more specific details about the business and the offer, as well as offering more technical information.

The script is the heart of the video. You have 3–5 seconds to capture attention. Without attention, the video is like a print ad with no headline -useless.

From here, the creative production team take over to storyboard the script so the client gets a visual representation of how the video will look prior to animation.

Everything here is passed through legal and the client team to make sure everything is on the right track.

With everything agreed, the video moves into production.

For a premium quality video like those we created for the ICO project in this case study, expect a 3-week delivery time (though videos can be made more quickly in certain circumstances).

The goal of the videos was to get viewers to click the link to visit the ICO sales page to by tokens.

Now we get to the plan…

The Video Marketing Plan

This was surprisingly simple. You don’t need to make it complex to get results.

Samuel, who took care of video marketing used Youtube pre-roll ads.

YouTube pre-roll is a top of the funnel type of digital marketing, used mainly to raise awareness and partly to drive website traffic. It can also be used for lead generation. You may get some sales right away, depending on what you’re selling, but it’s not as immediate as AdWords search ads are.”

When you know what you’re doing, and the ads are well-targeted, you can get immediate sales.

Samuel targeted video 1 using keywords like ICO, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain to potentially interested investors — people who were already searching for videos in the space.

He also tested keywords for different ad groups for targets in the banking and finance sector and people looking for investment services.

He then retargeted viewers of video 1 with video 2 to stay top of mind and further encourage them to invest.

You can see the results from the screenshot below.

The analytics showing conversions from Youtube cold traffic to paying investors

The top line shows the campaign for the video 2.

Line 2 shows the campaign for video 1.

When video 1 viewers were targeted with video 2 the conversion rate almost doubled from 0.29% to 0.52%. Here, please note that the conversion rate refers to the people who watched the video, clicked the call to action and invested immediately while on the sales page.

What’s more, throughout the campaign, organic searches for the specific ICO and related keywords increased 300% due to increased awareness of the campaign.

That means the true results of the video marketing campaign are actually much greater than the already impressive results we could directly measure from Youtube — Sales Page — Investment.

When your Youtube ads get results and increase in views, you’ll also find you get the long-term benefit from the organic ranking of your video within Youtube’s search algorithm — so the benefits from a good video marketing campaign using the Behaviour Lead Journey system are long-term and compound.


This case study shows the power of a simple, well-targeted sales journey, well-executed with quality videos.

It doesn’t include Facebook marketing, ad networks, or anything else. Just two videos used on Youtube to direct traffic to a sales page.

And it worked.

Given the short time-frame — and the results — it wasn’t necessary to make adjustments to the campaign although analytics tracking for drop-off points to improve certain aspects of videos for campaigns to maximise results is something to consider for ongoing campaigns.

If you have any questions, or you want to make an enquiry about copywriting, explainer videos, or ICO consultancy, email me at matthew@medicimarketing.com before something else gets in the way.




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