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Oct 25, 2015 · 6 min read
Mapping migration in the US. A elegant depiction of a complex topic.
Via the NY Times’ A 3-D View of a Chart That Predicts
The Economic Future: The Yield Curve
Parable of the Polygons, by Nicky Case.
The author’s original depiction of the system of segregation.
The NY Times’ visual of OPEC prices.
An Introduction to Machine Learning, done expertly in D3.

What Happened?

My article on music timelessness, employing a ton of code to visualize the nuances in data for 50K songs.
My article on rapper’s vocabularies, which used an unconventional chart design to elicit the data more quickly.


Why Now?

The evolution of Mike Bostock’s Corporate Taxes chart for the NY Times

The Future


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