The State of The Pudding, 2018

What are we doing?

My best answer to this question: imagine fast forwarding to the end of our journey. We published visual journalism that made history and had a high impact on culture.

Snow Fall, the seminal NY Times Viz
Creativity, Inc., how Pixar
organized around creativity
The viz intro to Failure Factories did win a Pulitzer, though it was a prologue to a longer series. “What Went Wrong” won from the Miami Herald in 1992 for their work on Hurricane Andrew, which included several print visualizations. *I initially wrote this as “never happened before,” which is true of modern, interactive viz but arguably the Miami Herald’s work is damn close.

How we get there

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to achieve our purpose, and I’ve been noticing better ways for making high-impact visual journalism. For the past few years, I’ve come to value:

This project, one of my favorites, was done with Billboard
i.e., the tension between making it perfect and telling the world you’re alive

2018 Goals

First, let’s review some on the salient problems we’re trying to solve in 2018. For each section, we’ve agreed on a goal (I’ve also written this goal in past-tense—a sorta Jedi mind trick to ground it in reality).



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