Tweeting The Same Thing More Than Once

You have written a great piece of content on your business’s blog, or maybe you’ve created an infographic. Whatever it is, you may be thinking to yourself can I tweet about it more than once? This is a common question I hear, the answer is…carry on reading to find out.

Lot’s of people on Twitter don’t like seeing you tweet the same thing over and over again. For example Guy Kawasaki tweets the same tweet around four times, worded in a slightly different way to avoid being blocked by Twitter. A lot of people moan about this, check out his Twitter profile and see what they say. The reason why he tweets about the same thing multiple times is every click his tweets get earns him more money. If you could make more money by tweeting the same thing more than once, you would be mad not to.

Here are the benefits to tweeting about the same thing multiple times:

1: Increase your websites traffic

2: Reach more time zones

3: Reach more followers

If your business has a worldwide audience, when you tweet about your new piece of content or even a special offer, they may be sleeping. You want to ensure your tweet is reachable to the majority of your followers. Schedule your tweets to go out at set times with Buffer or HootSuite — Here’s a simple guide to scheduling your tweets with Buffer — Click Here. To ensure that your followers don’t get annoyed by you tweeting the same thing more than once, space your tweets out throughout the day or even week. You could wait 24 hours before tweeting about the same thing or 8 hours it’s entirely up to you.

The more you tweet about something, the higher chance you have of people clicking on your links therefore increasing traffic to your business’s website. Try rewording some tweets about your latest blog post or special offer and monitor the response rates. How many clicks did each tweet receive, what was the reach, how many retweets did I get, what was my referral traffic from Twitter in Google Analytics.

I hope this short post helps, try it out for a month and let me know in the comments below if you saw an increase in traffic to your website by doing this.

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