There are two separate issues:

One issue is what is in the actual emails. (That assumes that the emails we are seeing are genuine. If they are fakes, then it is a different issue.) Study of the emails should be conducted to determine if they are ethical and if no crimes have been committed.

Another issue is who hacked the accounts. It could have been the Russians, or course. Or the Chinese. Or the ISIS. And that makes it even worse. America has powerful enemies, and the fact that they accessed your emails, by whatever method, makes you a criminal because NOBODY was supposed to access your emails; your emails were supposed to be secure.

Finally, the DNC leak is one thing. DNC is just a political organization, run by private citizens. But the fact that emails of the acting Secretary of State could have been read is a completely different matter. There are government employees with security clearances and with access to secrets.

As far as EVEN ONE Top Security email becoming public, well, twenty people should go to jail for that. Otherwise, we do not have a country.

We do not have borders and we do not have secure communications at the highest levels of government. Is this the end of America?

Mr. Trump, please help.