They wanted $30M :/
Dustin Moskovitz

My question was serious. Whatever is your political agenda or whoever Donald Trump may be, there are questions that I think you must resolve for yourself before adding a huge amount intending to tip the scales. These questions are: What is the Clinton foundation and who are its sponsors? Who is Hillary Clinton and what is her real agenda, as opposed to her words? Who is Huma Abedin and what will be her role? Why was Hillary using a private server and what was the result of it? When Hillary gave Lavrov a button with a Russian word for RESTART (ПЕРЕЗАГРУЗКА), it actually said OVERLOAD (ПЕРЕГРУЗКА)? Whatever happened to Seth Rich?

If not, here is what you are saying, “An average American family can contribute $100 to a political campaign. But I am two hundred thousand times more important than that.” OK, I am a cockroach, and you are a big elephant intending to squash my opinion and negate my vote. I got it.

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