Obama’s Farewell Speech

The OPPOSITE of saying the right thing is saying the right thing with an intent to deceive. Shame on you, Obama.

When Hillary was collecting the money from every source, Obama was not talking about corruption. When Hillary lost, corruption is suddenly unacceptable.

Obama came and talked to Americans as if he was their best friend, seemingly covering all the major issues. And when the speech was over, we discovered that ne never mentioned that majority of Americans rejected the continuation of his policies and feel betrayed by him.

He asks as not to be against IMMIGRANTS, knowing full well that we are against ILLEGAL immigrants. He asks us not to discriminate against “American Muslims”, when we are concerned about FOREIGN Muslims, coming from countries that are hostile to America and where terrorism and violence are rife.

Obama knew all that, and engaged in calculated abuse of our positive emotions. He talked about his family, teared up, AND KNEW WHERE HIS WHITE HANDKERCHIEF WAS. It is a fake, and this is how Obama will be remembered.