This election cycle showed the crashing defeat of the “establishment” in both parties. And the reason for that is this: the lose-lose world that the establishment represents is over, but the win-win world is yet to begin.

The win-win, or the principle of the mutually beneficial cooperation, is new. Its first institutional manifestation was the Marshall Plan, and that was 1948. Of course, the other trends: the Civil Rights movement, lower taxes, gender equality — all these are trends from the lose-lose to the win-win.

Within the human head, the process goes slower: two million Americans put themselves behind bars, there are several million drug addicts, many people are unhappy and dissatisfied with their lives. (The app I am working on addresses these problems). The lose-lose world sees humans as targets of exploitation, and almost all of us have been wounded and bear scars. The win-win world sees humans as assets. It is a world where humans conform to the social demands by succeeding, not by failing.

This trend is visible in the Clinton-Sanders contest where Clinton aims to gain personal power whereas Sanders runs to empower the population. Sanders would have been preferable if his constituency were win-win, but they are not.

Trump is not a win-win candidate, either. But in many respects, he is strongly anti-lose-lose. And that makes him preferable to Sanders and potentially a winner over Sanders. A Clinton victory will go completely against the trend, and I consider it highly unlikely.

Here is why Trump is popular. In Obama, American people saw how dangerous and ineffective a teleprompter reader and political correctness manipulator can be. That does not work. We have had enough finely crafted speeches impeccably delivered to end up with nuclear North Korea, to lose the entire Middle East, and to have Putin catch rabies.

Americans are sick of people who have done nothing but talk. They know that Rubio, Cruz, Clinton, or Sanders have never had a real job, a job whose results are real and undisputable. Trump has a resume: none of his skyscrapers fell down.

A Clinton’s skyscraper would fall down, and she would explain it away. An Obama skyscraper would never be built, because of the abominable civil rights record in our country, but a trillion dollars would be spent anyway, on blueprints. Sanders would take the money and build a machine that would demolish all skyscrapers. Trump’s skyscrapers stand. And I believe that Trump deserves to be America’s next President.