Why in 1980–86 in America food choices were so severely limited?

In New York City, there was no cheese, sausage, chocolate, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread (with crust and smell), eggs (with yellow yolks), Thai food, Middle Eastern food, fish, seafood, goat meat. Why did every Chinese restaurant serve the same twenty fake dishes? Why did tomatoes appear in 1986 (Dean & DeLuca) and I went to smell them as they were priced at crazy $3 a pound? Why was there no yoghurt? Why was there no sour cherries or quince?

Example. I had an obsession: Chinese soup dumplings. From 1980 to 1992, I visited 500 Chinese restaurants from Vermont to Virginia, desperately looking for dumplings, and always getting the same flavorless horrific ones. OK. Why did not ANY Chinese restaurant in the US serve NOODLES? Noodles are easy to make! Why were there no Korean restaurants, not one, not to mention Vietnamese or Maroccan?

I know people reading this would think I am crazy, but it was that way. Bread appeared in New York City in 1986 NO EARLIER THAN THAT.

Also, at the JFK airport in front of me they confiscated two pounds of Italian sausage from some guy. He sobbed like a small boy. Such a rarity, such a treasure! I mean, America had: Pepperoni (what an embarrassment that was), Bologna (horror) Mortadella (no spice), salami (I am in tears) and SPAM. THAT WAS IT!!! There were two types of ham: Virginia (good one) and “Mom, why do I have no taste buds”)Talking about Pepperoni, why there were no paprika in the entire United States of America? And who was selling grated red bricks as paprica in every store? Why was there no lemon grass?