Never Judge A President!

Sometimes situations in life aren’t always as you would expect them to be. I am guilty of assuming things before I know the full facts. University life can be very hectic and I was sat on a train on my way to an important meeting about the defence of the realm. Why? You may ask!

It is all part of the subject I am studying at university in connection with history and environment studies – “how will they impact our future?” I belong to one of these societies which delve further into the subject and you tend to meet some very interesting people at these talks. Today one of the college presidents is giving the talk followed by a question and answer session.

I am not alone on the train, a distinguished looking middle aged lady gets on at the next stop. She is very striking and is probably above average height for a woman. She is also of Asian descent I would think by her ebony coloured skin. Very smartly dressed and wearing a pretty shawl with gold stitching. She sat near me and we exchanged pleasantries. I commented on her pretty shawl to which she accepted the compliment graciously. After the brief interlude she got some papers out of her briefcase and no further conversation ensued.

About half an hour later, the train arrived at my station. I got up to leave and noticed the lady also get up. “Your stop as well?” I asked, making conversation again.

“Yes,” she replied, smiling. “Sorry I wasn’t very talkative during the journey, I hope you don’t think me impolite, but I am giving a lecture tonight at the college and I really have had no time today to go over it!”

“That’s a coincidence,” I replied. “I also am going to the college, but to listen to a talk, not to give one.”

“What is the subject of your talk?” She asked, to my surprise.

“You probably won’t have heard of it,” I replied, feeling shy. “It is part of my university course, it is about the defence of the realm!” To my indignation she suddenly burst out laughing. “Heard of it?” She said, chuckling. “I’m giving the talk!” I felt so embarrassed.

“I’m so sorry,” I said, penitently. “I never imagined it would be you!”

“Thought it would be a balding, old man?” She said, jokingly. “Don’t worry, I get this a lot – the other college presidents are the worst. They tease me mercilessly when they find out I’m an attractive Asian lady, not an old English sage!”

“But you really are a college president?” I asked, thinking she didn’t fit my stereotype of what one would look like. “Yes I am,” she said, happily. “I take it your other presidents aren’t as chic as me?”

I was totally bowled over by this lady, but I had learnt a valuable lesson, never judge a college president by its cover.

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