Letters to the further future(Day 2)

So i survived,literally. By the end of day one i had managed to build HTML/CSS files which would one day becoming the face of this amazing app(fingers crossed), set up a repo and managed to perfectly destroy my branches while attempting to push to remote repository..twice! But just like any other phoenix down the block, i managed to rise out of the ashes and face Day two.

here is my progress so far:

  1. Python: Properly set up and installed pip,set up virtualenv, pylint.
  2. wrote my test cases for features for the app.Some test cases were returning errors.Asked for assistance and also researched for other possible causes of errors.Not cleared all so far
  3. designed features for the app. these included create,update,delete, features for the shopping list elements in python.
  4. wrote the code for login using OOP.
  5. Installed and setup flask. still doing alittle research on using flask.I plan to execute it tomorrow
  6. I updated my pivotal tracker project board.

Challenges of the day:

  1. The internet network signal was on and off, slowed me down a lot.

Till then, await for events from Day 3. thank you.

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