Colin Kaepernick Hot Take

Colin Kaepernick is a famous sports person, in a sport that is a billion dollar industry. He is well-known across the country, and as the new NFL season approaches, he is explicitly protesting against the oppression of Black people and other people of color in the United States. This is a huge moment in U.S. sports and culture.

Colin Kaepernick is not alone in being fed up with report after report of unarmed Black men and women killed by law enforcement. However, as a famous sports person, it is exciting that he found his way to create a spark in the conversation about systemic racism and oppression.

What a spark he created. Do you know who watches the National Football League? Middle America. This is a league who’s flagship Monday night television program once boasted a theme song from well-known idiot Hank Williams Jr. I am not insinuating that “Middle America” is full of idiots — I am mostly making the case that they may be misinformed.

With his action, at the least, Colin Kaepernick has sparked Middle America to think about race. These are people who may be minding their own business and not paying attention to things like Clinton/Trump, but they definitely care about football. These people who care about football, they definitely heard about what Kaepernick did and hopefully acknowledged his message behind it.

For social justice advocates who are also sports fans, sitting down for the national anthem possibly never crossed their mind as an act of protest. Kaepernick went there and I support his protest. I hope that more NFL players speak out in support of him. I hope other professional star athletes do the same. I appreciate that the first kickoff of the 2016 NFL season will be overshadowed by a conversation about race and social justice.