DAGCOIN As A New Cryptocurrency


“Our mission is to provide alternative currency for everyday use, focusing on the Asian market where we help unbanked people to manage their assets better.”

What is Dagcoin?

Dagcoin is a cryptocurrency that offers a new type of blockchain technology. With Dagcoin, data is stored and organized using a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) system instead of blockchain technology. This allows all users to secure one anothers data by referencing earlier data units created by other users (similar to blockchain). However, it also removes scalability limits commonly encountered on blockchains — like blocksize issues.

What does that mean for users? It means Dagcoin is 300 times faster than bitcoin and has 30 times cheaper transaction fees.

You can download Dagcoin wallets today for Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. Dagcoin will also be available for trade on exchanges before the end of July 2017. (by: bitcoinexchangeguide.com)

Another unique feature of Dagcoin is that you can earn coins through educational programs. Dagcoin has an educational partner called DAG University that rewards you with FREE Dagcoins in exchange for purchasing courses.


“Fast Transactions”

On the contrary to blockchain networks where transactions take more and more time to confirm, in our DAG chain the confirmations for transactions take less and less time as the network of users grows. This really is disruptive and innovative technology.

“Low transaction fees”

Regular transactions have a very small fixed fee, regardless of the amount that is sent. More complex transactions such as conditional payments have a little bit bigger transactions fees.

“Open source”

Both Dagcoin and the platform it’s built on, Byteball, are open source and the code is available for everybody to see and check..


The process of mining is old and requires tremendous amounts of computing power which means huge electricity consumption, therefore Dagcoins are generated without physical mining.

“Easy to Use”

Starting from a user-friendly payment solution to large number of merchants and options for receiving and spending the coins. Sending Dagcoins is as easy as sending an e-mail.

“Great Investment”

Cryptocurrencies have proven to be great for investment. Overall market is rallying towards a trillion dollar market cap and Dagcoin with new technology has huge growth potential.


“By eventually being the most used cryptocurrency, Dagcoin’s value will definitely rise. And appreciation in value means that your investment is growing.”

DAG University

There are eight different packages available online through DagUniversity.com, including:

Basic ($20 USD): Active Member Only

The first course gives a basic overview of the process of selling and a general understanding about cryptocurrency. (no free Dagcoins for this package)

Starter ($100 USD):

The Starter course is great for starting to learn about cryptocurrency and the foundation of speaking to an audience. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 100 Dagcoins.

Explorer ($500 USD):

The Explorer course gives deeper insight into what cryptocurrency is and how to excel in the art of selling. This course also covers the basics of cryptocurrency trading. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 500 Dagcoins.

Advanced ($1,000 USD):

The Advanced course teaches the technical aspects of cryptocurrency and takes both your sales and public speaking skills to advanced level. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 1,000 Dagcoins.

Expert ($2,500 USD):

The Expert course consists of a training on leadership, what does it mean to be a leader and how to be a leader, and it also covers the next step in becoming an experienced cryptocurrency trader. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 3,000 Dagcoins.

Pro ($5,000 USD):

The Pro course teaches how to use the internet to your advantage — using internet marketing and webinars to promote your business. The second part of this course is about cryptocurrency trading. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 6,000 Dagcoins.

Mentor ($12,500 USD):

The Mentor course is meant for those who want to become a top level mentor and a coach. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 17,500 Dagcoins.

Investor ($25,000 USD):

The Investor course is an in depth course about forex trading, financial markets, trading and investing in different asset classes. After completion of this course the attendee is rewarded with 35,000 Dagcoins.

In Addition. After recieving Dagcoins, you will also receive 3% weekly passive income.

Note: After receiving your Dagcoins, you are temporary not allowed to do anything to it in the next 8 months upon purchasing a package. But you may transfer half of your weekly passive income to your cash account prior to your choice. Half of it will automatically be escrowed to your coin account for compounding. Watch the video below…


  1. Earn 10% Direct Referral Commission
  2. 10% Pairing Bonus
  3. Leadership Rewards
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Who Created Dagcoin?

Nils Grossberg — CEO of Dagcoin
Dagcoin is led by Founder and CEO Nils Grossberg. The company is based in Estonia.

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