They took our jobs... because they earned 'em

Ever wonder why the U.S. is losing tech talent Canada, the A.I. race to China, and the Cybersecurity war to nearly everyone?

Matty Bv3
Matty Bv3
Jun 6 · 2 min read

Today I interviewed one of the brightest young minds I've ever spoken with.

She earned her Masters degree in Information Technology Management from IIT. (Masters... not bachelor's)

Successfully completed a 2 year contract with the Oracle... the 3rd largest software manufacturer in the U.S.

Wants to live a productive, successful life here in the U.S. as most of us do.


She was born in India.

That means she has 1 more year here in the U.S. before she's entered into the H1 lottery.

There, she has a 55% chance of NOT being selected (chosen completely at random... numbers are drawn) and having to leave the country.

We kick out educated, talented, driven people with Masters degrees in Computer Science. Then wonder why we're outsourcing, or just losing, innovation.

So the next time you see another banker get away with a Ponzi scheme on the news... Or a father abandon or abuse his family... Next time you get cut off in traffic or find someone wearing socks with sandals...

Ask yourself...

Is that really who you want as your neighbor? Over the accomplished technologist... just because they were born elsewhere?

If so, please comment.

So I can unfriend you.

I wish you all the best, never ill will, just don't need ya in my life.


Matty Bv3

(Note: This is a stream-of-conciousness, unpolished post. I plan to write and edit a proper article soon in the coming days.)

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