Life after college ….

College. Probably, one of the top troubled things in America right now. After high school, your left wondering,

What are you going to do for the rest of your life?

High schools don’t prepare you for the real world. Many high schools are ridiculous. High school teaches you useless skills & signs you up for classes that nobody cares to pay attention in. After HS, graduates are left w/ two options. Either you go to college or you don’t. Many people now in days say college isn’t for them or don’t know what to pursue. However, without a college degree, you can’t do anything in today’s corporate world. Ironic huh. You’ll stay stuck working your way up entry level jobs. Unless your parents have it made for you then your set right.

however, I took the college route. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in this system called college. Probably spent the first year n half confused/wondering what classes or degree I should take. Asked my mother for advice; she told me nursing. Asked my friends- they were no help because many of them didn’t even know what to do either haha. I asked teachers for advice but yet they would lead me to what they did in their life. I always carried this lost feeling around me, a feeling that couldn’t be filled. I took plenty of personality tests online to see what career would be the right fit for me, but yet nothing interested me.All I knew for sure is that, I wanted to do something different & big that’ll help & inspire people. I would question myself everyday why am I still attending college. Second year into my college I was mentally done with it. I wanted out& to be over with college. I started skipping 50 percent of my classes. Arrive late. I was annoyed of the fact that I had to wake up everyday @ 7 to sit down for a 2 hour lecture & do book work. I ended up bullshitting my way out & getting an associates degree, did the best I can do to finish quick. Just so I wouldn’t be seen uneducated in the corporate world. I figured all degrees were basically useless asides the medical field. I ended up moving to new york and wanted go figure myself out and definitely to work on my passions instead. I don’t regret college, it was actually kind of a good experience to learn from for myself.

Would I recommend college Should you go to college?

It’s pretty useless. I would recommend the medical field tho if your into that. It’s constantly growing & needing positions. However if you do go to college & pursue Learn how to network in there. Use the resources in there to create something . Networking & creating are the most effective thing to do at the moment in college . You might be talking to making friends with the next ceo of uber.And if you don’t go to college. Work on your passions like if there is no tommrow cause that’s the only option you have left !!

— — :)