Your craft

Hello everyone !I just wanted to touch up on a subject that’s been on my mind quite awhile.

One thing I constantly hear coming from people is how they “wanna make it” or how they will make it bigger than “everyone”.You know I think everyone wants to make it in this one life we have. Everybody has somebody they want to prove wrong or simple as to be good enough to payback their family. Actions speak louder than words.Many people come with their big talk end up Watching netflix all day or decide to sit down & complain how the world is unfair to them.What are you doing to make that happen for yourself? What are you doing to make it bigger than everyone?The energy you give to this universe is the energy you will get back. Are you willing to work on day on your craft or passion to be “bigger than everyone”. Society sees how celebs are these famous people who have it made.Nobody knows the hard work & sweat they put in. Kanye west worked in small tiny room making music everyday for so many hours before obtaining any fame.

In conclusion, you want it so bad. Stop being lazy & work towards your passion everyday because that’s the only practical way to win in today’s world. There is nobody that actually made it that worked on there craft to actually make it, asides the Kardashians. Work harder towards your passion everyone it will pay off in the long run.

thoughts of the day — work hard, play hard.

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