A Hands On Guide to Building a Low-Code Product (Part 1)


I’m the maker of a Slack app called Referralboard (we helps companies save money on hiring by increasing employee referrals).

The Slack app (left) and the website (right)

What Does This Guide Cover?

This is a hands-on guide for building a low-code Slack app. It covers the tools and resources to go from idea to MVP.

  1. 🖥️ Building the Website (Part 2)

The Stack

These are the key tools that make up the end product. Below I’ll walk through how they all piece together.

The Low-Code Stack

⚒️ Building the Product

Stack →

Remix project in Glitch
README for Slack Blueprint in Glitch
Slack API’s “my app” page
Weekly Leaderboard message in Slack
Ex. “block” of Slack message code
Slack’s Block Kit Builder
The “Employees” table of the DB in Airtable
Airtable Standard API
Setting up an UptimeRobot monitor
Getting the link to your Live App in Glitch
UptimeRobot dashboard
Setting up a Webhooks by Zapier Zap

🖥️ Building the Website (Part 2 coming soon…)

Stack →



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