On dating men with “potential”

I might be able to sympathize with you having grown up in a single parent house hold and witnessing my mother date men with potential throughout my teenage years but throughout the piece I couldn’t help but wonder if it is fair to label unstable men as potential; can we(as a collective)not overcome bad habits or bad characteristics? Are they hardwired into our DNA and if so, in this case should we demonize these men for their drug abuse/self-fulfillment?

The men described in this piece are college teenagers who are for the first time experiencing life away from their parents. I don’t know the percentages of experimental college teens but I believe it is common(please correct me) — a negative to college life but again, can we label experimental college students as potential? They are not fully developed adults- then again one has to wonder if drugs will hinder or halt mental capacity stunting further growth into adulthood.

Also, all teenagers go into college with the potential of becoming something or not.

Some people may be stuck in their ways, and no matter how much we help they will never change….This sounds very gloomy and I hope not the case.

During the reading I also wondered if the Broken Winged Men saw themselves in their partners eyes like you saw your affinity for yourself in theirs?

Instead of perpetuating the stereotype of women on the side of men as if Robin to Batman perhaps the last paragraph can be edited to better emphasize the power of women “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps (or put on your big girl underwear) and take charge of your life so that when a man comes along that is getting serious shit done, he can see himself reflected in your eyes, and he can be by your side.”

Thoughts? And correct me if not valid!

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