#MadeOnMonday Vol. 6

Dear supporters,

I firmly believe that I do not have fans because to support someone such as I your mind has to be just as warped and screwed up as mine to the point where we must be family. Growing up I was surrounded by family, loving parents, a sister, cousins, aunts, friends, but no matter what I never felt as thought I belonged, I constantly felt out of place and I couldn’t truly connect with anyone. I’ve always been the outcast amongst my peers, not having real relationships and I’ve long since given up and gaining others approval, instead I jeer at the disdain in there faces when I walk in the room as assert myself to the position of power I deserve. This world has been mine for the taking since September 9, 1992 and I have all intentions of claiming what’s mine. My parents will not understand but they will be proud, my friends will not support but I will make them envious, and my “peers” will not show hate but they will fear me and my level of talent. It’s more than just music, it’s domination for me.

I grew up with stage fright and an ironic hunger for attention. A desire to be apart of the chosen few who shower in greatness and are not apart of the herd. I’ve been asked “Matt you’re so smart why don’t you apply yourself?”, because I don’t fucking want to. I don’t want to put the full force of godly power I hold within towards mundane and meaningless school work and day jobs getting paid an hourly wage not feasible for anyone of my measure. I’ve had a job consistently since the age of 15, I value work ethic, I appreciate a dollar but I’ll be damned if I spend my life working for someone else to get wealthy as I barely provide for myself. I grind for every play, very follow, and every cheer of the crowd when I’m on that stage and I revel in it. There is no place on this earth I’d rather be than on a stage with a mic in my hand preaching the gospel of Matt The Fucking Rapper loud, proud and full of profanity for all the world to hear. I am not a gimmick, I am neither a drug dealer nor a drug addict, I am simply me. A man of many words and talents sent to wake people the fuck up and give them motivation to wake up every single day and do better than the previous.

I have every intention of continuing to pursue slating every microphone I can put my voice to, I will continue my venture into videography and I will most certainly keep writing very opinionated pieces on every subject I deem necessary. My primary focus from this point however will be the music. The reason I’ve changed the title of my forthcoming LP is because I realized it’s not just about me and what I want. I can’t do this alone and I have no intention to. Every single one of you whom chooses to support me will be apart of “Pray For The South”. It will be something only a man of the people can provide and I will be taking your opinions, your critiques and your voices all into consideration as I mold this body of work to present to the world as me. Ive struggled with my sound for years because I am so diverse, I never shy away from a challenge or a particular style so a cohesive project has always been a struggle but this shall be different.

This campaign of mine isn’t just about me. It’s not just about the shit I’ve had to overcome in my life or how I’ve never seen eye to eye with my father. It’s not just about how I’ve got hundreds of numbers in my phone but none to call when I’m in need. This isn’t just about how I sat and watched the love of my life go through hell and battle a sickness that nearly killed her only to rise like a phoenix from the ashes afterwards. This isn’t just about how I feel a constant sense of guilt for the people I’ve caused pain or how I will fight to make things right. This is about each and every one of you who goes through the same shit and needs an outlet to relate to. This is about how we can come together and stick out middle fingers up at the lazy sons of bitches trying to take our spots, this is is for us, and victory will be glorious.