Dear Facebook: You’re Racist
Anthony J. Williams

The fact that responding to this is actually giving me anxiety is what tells me there’s an inherent wrongness to it. I am actually worried about the reaction to my reply, that because I’m white the way this makes me feel is automatically some form of racism that I just don’t understand.

I know if I were to post anything on Facebook with the n-word in it, I would get a ban. I’m sure of it.

It seems to me that your ban was for a racist comment as well. The comment was not made for any productive or useful reason as far as I can see…. It looks like a purely anger based jab, hurled at a race of people. I don’t disagree in any way that whites have done other races harm in the past, or that many whites continue to do so. And your anger is quite justified. I don’t think that means racist comments are justified, unless what you are trying to do is broaden an already gaping divide between people.

I’m sure there is a lot I don’t understand. I can’t understand all there is to being black. How would I? But I feel like I can at least understand when something is wrong.