Two years ago, I felt like I’d gained a superpower. I’d just taken my first e-bike ride and my commute was forever changed. Suddenly I was able to dart through traffic, get to my destination faster, and spend less, all without breaking a sweat.

It was one of those moments you later realize was indicative of a broader trend, sort of like the first time I used Windows 95 (everyone getting access to computers), the iPhone (super computers in our pockets), or Uber (almost anything on demand).

Within a few weeks, I’d bought a used e-bike and became a full fledged participant in the budding revolution of Micromobility. …

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These are some of the design opportunities we’re focused on today and will be for years to come

2018 has been a year of meaningful change on the Sonder design team. We launched a new visual identity, hired the core of our team and moved from being reactive to proactive in our work. These aren’t small changes, but we’re just getting started. Next year we’ll hit our stride, and in 2020 we’ll sprint as we scale.

A piece of clarity we gained in 2018 are the 5 specific challenges/opportunities we need to solve for while we create this new category of hospitality. …

Last week my run at Uber ended. Deciding to leave a company that I’d learned so much from and loved being a part of was one of the hardest decisions of my career. Many sleepless nights were involved. Ultimately I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and see if I could apply all I’d learned in a new environment.

Being principled in my search

Whenever I need to make a hard choice, I’ve found putting together some principles helps me make better decisions. For this search, I knew there were a handful of things I wanted in my next opportunity:

  1. Operations heavy — The secret sauce of Uber has always been the ops teams in every one of the 700+ cities. People talk about the magic of Uber and that is largely because of the work of the operators around the globe. Also, an ops-heavy business is harder to clone, so differentiation is built in. That power of what an ops team can do is something I wanted to continue to be able to work with. …


Matthew Moore

Head of Design at Lime | Ex-Uber

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