Travis: Our Chief Problem Solver

So many stories to reflect on from working with Travis over the last three and a half years. From my first interactions with him at our Friday Growth meetings to jamming with him over a long weekend on how to bring Uber to drivers and riders across China.

Folks outside Uber generally have a perception of him that deviates far from reality. Yes, he was a fighter. Yes, he could be brash. And yes, he certainly made his mistakes. All of us do, especially those of us that build a 14,000 person global company over the course of 7 years. As a society, we love to take down those that achieve success, with little regard for how we’d handle the pressure if we were in a similar situation.

But the things I’ll remember most about Travis were that he was fair, compassionate, relentless at finding the truth, and above all, he taught every single one of us how to be better at what we do. His success was for all of us to accomplish our goals and grow as professionals and as human beings. When we didn’t put the necessary thought into our plans and our work, he let us know and the response was often him putting in extra effort to help us get there, no matter the costs to himself. When we did get to a point that he felt we’d uncovered the truth of what we were focused on, we’d celebrate. Nothing felt better.

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This gif is from a fun moment (we did the freakin wave!) at a TK China Growth review where we got to that point. In this moment, the future was bright and our team’s collective hard work had paid off. Setting goals with your team and going on to accomplish them against all odds. Are there many more things worth celebrating in life?

Travis was our chief problem solver. But more than that, he was a teacher on how to live a rewarding life. I, for one, am excited to learn more lessons from him, however he is willing to teach them.


I originally posted this on Facebook. Many of us Uber folks are sharing our perspectives so I thought it’d be helpful to get mine out there as well.

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Head of Design at Lime | Ex-Uber

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