Two years ago, I felt like I’d gained a superpower. I’d just taken my first e-bike ride and my commute was forever changed. Suddenly I was able to dart through traffic, get to my destination faster, and spend less, all without breaking a sweat.

It was one of those moments you later realize was indicative of a broader trend, sort of like the first time I used Windows 95 (everyone getting access to computers), the iPhone (super computers in our pockets), or Uber (almost anything on demand).

Within a few weeks, I’d bought a used e-bike and became a full fledged participant in the budding revolution of Micromobility.

Fast forward to today and I’ve taken this all a step further by joining Lime to lead their design team. The opportunity to help more people around the globe feel their commuting superpower is both exciting and humbling. I know that if companies like Lime and others are successful, we’ll help cities be even better places to live.

These are some of the reasons I was so drawn to Lime.

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Collecting some scooters in LA with Brennan, one of our awesome Ops Specialists

We’re helping break car addiction

The mega trend of urbanization sees no end in sight. People around the world want to live in cities to increase their quality of life. Along with housing, transportation needs to evolve for cities to be accessible for these people. In America, our century long love affair with the car — and the infrastructure support system of superhighways, street parking and garage parking — needs to change.

It’s already happening. New York City recently passed a $1.7 billion effort to expand their bike lane system. They’ve closed off 14th Street to private cars. They’re considering ending free street parking and enacting congestion pricing in 2021. Similar efforts are happening across America and if you live in the States, you likely see your city slowly adapting and changing.

Fun fact: Did you know America devotes as much land as the size of West Virginia to space for parking our cars? That land is interspersed in some of the highest valued property in the country — urban centers. Imagine what we can do if we start to free that space from storing boxes of steel that sit empty 98% of the time.

This topic is something we talk about often at Lime and as the leader in shared small electric vehicles, we’re helping pioneer what the cities of the future look like.

We’re fighting for our planet

It’s 2019 and if you’re reading this, you don’t need to be told the climate crisis is real. Even for a natural optimist, I’m well aware we need to take massive, collective effort to limit the worst impacts of our own actions as a species.

At Lime, we believe shared, small electric vehicles can be a big part of the solution. By lessening fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in urban environments, we can make our air cleaner and help the world get closer to being carbon-neutral. Setting an example is important to us and we’re committed to carbon neutrality in our own operations.

In a world where many tech companies benefit from the exploitation of our privacy, it’s incredible to know Lime’s growth means only good things for the world. It’s such a privilege to work at a company where there aren’t negative implications of our success.

We’re led by a phenomenal leadership team

Culture and strategy start at the top. Having a strong set of leaders makes so many things better at a company. I want to follow kind, inspirational, and team-oriented leaders. I joined Lime largely because we have an incredible set of leaders. These are folks that could work anywhere but came here because of our mission. As I work to be a better leader every day, they are people I’m so excited to soak as much up from as possible in the coming years.

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Checking out the Oakland warehouse with my new hire group

We’re focused on profitability

Before I started the interview process I have to say I was skeptical of the business behind the business. Aren’t people throwing these scooters into bodies of water and performing all sorts of other forms of destruction to them?

Well, yes, people do vandalize the vehicles, but that is decreasing as people become more used to them in their cities. We’re also getting better at educating riders on how to ride and park appropriately among other improvements.

With our scooters lasting longer and longer through hardware iteration, we see a path to profitability in 2020. We need to be a sustainable business as we bring sustainability to cities.

We have a massive opportunity for impact

As a Design team at Lime, we’ll be at the heart of building one of the world’s next great consumer companies. Our work spans software, hardware, and the overarching customer experience. Our hands are already all over the different touch points, and as our design maturity at Lime increases, our impact will continue to grow.

If this sounds intriguing to you, we need to hire some great designers and team players. Check out our roles here. You’ll have a chance to be at the early stages of the transportation revolution that’s happening in hundreds of cities around the world.

Written by

Head of Design at Lime | Ex-Uber

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