All extremely valid points, Matthew.
Dan Sherman

Dan, I have to strongly disagree about Trump having more minority support. Regardless of what I personally think about these things, I can assure you that Trump’s statements about illegal immigrants from Mexicans being mostly rapists and murderers, closing mosques, and the Muslim travel ban are far more damaging to gaining minority support than anything Cruz, Rubio, Carson, or Kasich could possibly do. Add in the fact that Trump is white, and the media will barely even have to try to paint him as a racist. The fact that Cruz, Rubio, and Carson are minorities and have not made the outrageous statements that Trump has, makes branding them as racists much more difficult to do (though I’m sure the media will still try). Though I think many of Trump’s statements on these topics are factually inaccurate and some of his policies are misguided, I personally don’t think he is a racist, but good luck convincing the average voter of that. Case in point, my two roommates are black, both very conservative guys. Both would happily vote for Cruz, Carson, or Rubio (somewhat less happily for Rubio). But if Trump is the nominee they are strongly considering voting 3rd party. I have a lot of other minority aquaintances that are conservative, libertarian, or somewhere in between who will likely do the same. If minorities who agree with us are hesitant about supporting Trump, then there is no chance of him getting any noticeable amount of support from moderate or liberal minorities. So if pragmatism is your motivation, Trump should be last on your list.

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