Dummies Guide to Trump
Dan Sherman

This article completely outlines the problem with Trump and the mindset of his supporters. You don’t actually stand for any ideas. You don’t care about limited government, you don’t care about the constitution, you don’t care about any of the ideas that we as conservatives are supposed to care about. Case in point, out of this whole article about why you support Trump, there wasn’t a single policy position mentioned. Trump has as recently as the past year in some cases, supported things like gun control, partial-birth abortion, single-payer healthcare, and eniment domain abuse. In the past few weeks he has supported boycotting Apple for refusing to give our government a way to violate all of our privacy rights (while using an apple product no less), blamed Bush for 9/11, and said he thinks the individual mandate for health insurance is a good idea. Anyone who is a conservative should be deeply disturbed by all of these things. But apparently you aren’t. You’re just like the Obama voters in 2008 who wanted “change”. They voted for Obama because of style rather than substance, just like Trump supporters are doing now. What exactly do you think Trump is going to accomplish? And don’t give me bs metaphors, what specifically is he going to do? What specific conservative policies is he going to enact that will reduce the size of government? And why should we trust someone with a record of supporting liberal policies and bankrolling liberal politicians?

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