John Wick

This Movie Blew My Mind

What happens when you break into a man’s house, steal his car and kill the puppy that was given to him as his cancer suffering wife’s dying gift? The answer: an immense body count and a masterpiece of a movie called “John Wick”. Unbridled emotion takes over as you follow John Wick and the trail of corpses he leaves in his wake, while he hunts down the scumbags who killed his puppy, striking the same fear into the heart of every mobster in New York that a little child feels when thinking of the Boogeyman before bed.

This movie is beautiful. Every scene is a carefully crafted work of art, loaded with deep metaphorical imagery or displaying wonderful creations of crystal clear action choreography. I held my breath for what seemed like ages as some of the most elaborate and ingeniously executed fight sequences unfolded before my eyes. Bone jarring take downs and tendon snapping kicks had me crunching my popcorn in my fist even before I had the chance to get the kernels to my mouth.

With wonderfully long, expansive, wide angle continuous shots, my eyeballs soaked up some of the most dynamic and jawdroppingly mesmerising hand-to-hand and gunfight sequences that I have ever seen in all my life. My muscles contracted to a harder than kevlar state, while tension mounted as the rampage of vengeance cascaded through a richly unique world of assassins, mobsters and undesirables. Memorable characters each play their part in this mythological tale of a man whose reputation is nowhere near as brutally fearsome as the man himself.

With its rich mythology, incredible action choreography and heart touching moments of humanity, it is no surprise that “John Wick” has swiftly become one of my all time greatest action movies.

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