Blood, guts and self acceptance

A tale of accepting all aspects of yourself, the fourth instalment in the blood soaked John Rambo film series, simply entitled “Rambo”, walks us through the war zone that is accepting ourselves for who we are. Watching this film, I got what I expected: explosions, guns, a bow and arrow, knives and bandanas.

We all have aspects of our past which, when taken into context of where we are in life now, make us feel at odds with the world around us. While John Rambo struggles to come to terms with who he truly is, lots of people die. So it was that together, John Rambo and I embarked on a joint existential quest for identity. Rambo raked up the body count; I drank the Dr Pepper. My heart pounded like a .50 cal machine gun during the action sequences, which are viscerally brutal. Blood curdling suspense filled the room as Rambo faced the darkest part of his noble quest, slaying the enemy as well as the demons of his past, stealth and a machete fashioned by his own hard boiled and calloused hands, his only weapon. “Rambo” is a film that takes no prisoners.

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