Beginning With the End in Mind

The second habit from Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ is as the heading suggests: to put a little more thought into the direction you are going in life by visualising where you would like to end up first.

By starting to do this, you can radically alter how you spend your days, your weeks, your months and thus your years.

Something I will look to do in the near future is write out a Personal Mission Statement so I have something physical to refer to in my day to day life however for now I am happy ‘sprinkling seeds of thought’ about where exactly I want to end up during my later stages.

Despite the fact I have only just begun to conceive ideas about ‘the end’ it has already empowered my to think differently, act differently and take new actions — such as writing this blog. So lots of positivity then!

So then what’s the challenge? I suppose it could be to work on maintaining the upward spiral. As with many things that provide a positive feeling, I’ve found the ego can be quick to take hold and provide a fake sense of confidence. Keeping this in check daily, I believe, is the key to a longer lasting sense of fulfilment and more purposeful action.