Compassion over power

If we choose to value compassion over power, in time we can learn to develop great inner strength.

This compassion involves being compassionate with ourselves but also to those around us and in our immediate vicinity or network.

If we constantly strive for control and power our happiness will be compromised as we will never obtain it.

Instead of wanting it all, choosing to be happy with some control and power will lead to better results. Usually this begins with power over ourselves. Our mind. Our body. The words we speak. The way we communicate.

Imagine you’re driving a car.

What would the result be if you attempted to control every single function and element of the car whilst driving it?

A lot of stress and perhaps a car crash I imagine.

This can be a metaphor for life when we don’t slow down and be mindful to those who are around us.

A better way is to open yourself up to allow yourself to be relatable to those around you.

This will build trust and rapport and your sincerity and honesty will allow the other to be more open in the same vain.


You can listen.