Frequency Adverbs and interview…!

I stumbled upon quite a nice video relating to EFL this evening, regarding those ‘magic words’ or frequency adverbs, detailing just how frequently (for want of a better word) the adverbs of frequency are used.

Below is a list of the adverbs (all commonly used in the present simple tense) with the percentage referring to the amount of time that they suggest:

Always = 100% of the time

Frequently = about 90% of the time

Usually = about 80% of the time

Often = about 70% of the time

Sometimes = about 50% of the time

Occasionally = about 40% of the time

Seldom = about 20% of the time

Rarely = about 10% of the time

Never = 00% of the time

I found these percentages quite interesting as although they are an estimate, they actually give a good indication of when these adverbs could be used in regular conversation. I for one rarely use seldom and frequently and occasionally use sometimes in day-to-day conversation. Ah the English Language….what a rabbit warren I have stumbled into!


In terms of news I’m please to write that I have an interview next week in Prague for a EFL teaching position at Caledonian School which is part of the EDUA group and has been operating since 1992. I’m nervous and excited to see what the trip will bring. At the very least, I’m looking forward to drinking some tasty coffee at ‘I Need Coffee’ and ‘EMA Espresso’ both of which I have heard good things about and are included in this article here:

I shall hopefully get some good pictures of my trip and let you know how it goes! Here’s a to a good week.

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