It Begins With Belief

If you’ve ever believed you could do something is there a part of you that feels like you already have whatever is the physical manifestation of that belief?

For me the answer is yes. And it’s truly empowering!

Recently I’ve started to become more certain of what I believe in and what I value in life. In fact it’s this self awareness that can be so powerful and beneficial to you once you are fully aligned with it.

So, the question to ask is: how well do I know myself?

Is there a part of you that doubts what you are involved with or are putting out to the world?

If the answer is yes then it’s ok. Theres a reason we have intuition. However rather than continuing on a destructive spiral, try new things meet new people and explore new perspectives. Its only when you have a good foundation and understanding for these things that life will start to make sense to you.

Patience is key. But time is also of the essence. You only have one life!

Remember also to utilise a growth mindset in negative situations as this can lead to positive results in similar situations in the future.

Above all don’t seek gratification from external sources but be true to yourself. Who do you want to be and what do you want to do? Be that person and do that thing. Start small and soon you’ll gather more belief and more momentum in search of the goal you’re looking for.

Trust the journey and enjoy it. The path less travelled will certainly be a more interesting one to tell your grandchildren one day.