Mondays and Habituation

Were you enthusiastic to go to work on this Monday morning?

Did you jump out of bed feeling inspired to do great work that influences others in a positive way?

Although I can say yes to both of those questions, from a personal perspective I can also unashamedly say I relish the opportunity to stay just that little bit longer in bed. How easy is it to say we’re going to build a new routine of waking up early, perhaps writing or going to the gym and starting the day properly? Incredibly easy. The hard part is doing. That’s not to say people can’t see the benefits of implementing the new routine, it could simply means we have been so habituated with our morning process in the past that we don’t give it a moments thought. It’s the expected outcome.

Perhaps then if we were more focused on the desired result or positive outcomes we would work to implement the daily steps necessary. At the minute I’m quite into the idea of starting small. Regularly say to yourself , ‘today I’m going to do this to the best of my ability and then I’ll return to it tomorrow.’ I believe this gradual upward spiral will speak volumes and slowly but surely you’ll start to become the very thing you imagined when you first began all those weeks ago.

So let go and start. No one’s going to do it for you.