Practising Purpose

Where is your attention focused today?

Are you looking outwardly for recognition?

Or are you looking inwardly for a sense of fulfilment?

The second one takes some practise.

We all have days which drag. Those days. The ones where we wished we are elsewhere doing something better. The ‘grass is greener’ syndrome.

However (remembering Ryan Holidays’s ‘the Obstacle is the Way’), it is within these moments where we must draw upon our strengths to find reason again.

A new perspective. A shift. The growth that is happening is only positive, even if it seems not so. By being patient we will soon see where this new perspective fits into the overall picture.

But we must take the time do practise daily disciplines. Without them, chaos ensues. Don’t rush it, enjoy it. Appreciate how far you’ve come and give of your time and kindness with good intent even when there is no one to appreciate or recognise the action.

Soon things will move again. And instead of being unprepared you will be far better equipped to do what you have to do.