The Three P’s: Perspiration

When talking about perspiration, images that are easily conjured up into the mind are ones of sweat. Not particularly your most salubrious of topics but luckily there is the infamous quote from Edison to save the day:

‘Genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration.’

-Thomas Edison

It’s all too easy to start something new and not continue the habit. In fact they say it takes 30 days of interrupted activity (once a day) before the new way of thinking of new action becomes cemented into the subconscious. Therefore the missing element in a lot of circumstances is putting in the work or in this case, the perspiration.

In order to do that you need time and time that is well thought out and well executed.

What things are holding you back from taking the first small steps towards your goals today? What distractions are in your life that simply aren’t contributing?

It’s time to find them, pin them down and then say no to them.