Time Out

Currently my ‘time out’ day is Sunday. After a long weeks work it feels somewhat wrong to me to be putting in the hours on the final day of the week. In the past I have attempted to do so which simply resulted in less effectiveness the following week.

I have to say I still need to get better at actually enjoying the ‘time out’ part. When I’m awake anyway. I often feel as if there is so much to do in so little time when really all it needs (I think), is some re-structuring of priorities, perhaps some written down objectives for the day and some time allocated to actual satisfaction. Whether it be seeing a friend for some meaningful conversation, watching some comedy or going to your favourite pub.

As James Dyson said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with things taking time.’

I like this quote as it’s simple. It’s easy to look to the future and not be content with what you have but when you look back and think of the things you’ve done and experienced everyone can have something to be proud of.

So have that lie in, cook yourself up that dinner to savour and put your feet up with a good cuppa. No one else is going to do it for you!

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