We’re off.

This and the next few posts will act as a short introduction into my short time away in Prague.

Today I gave someone some advice regarding ‘riding the wave of enjoyment of excitement’. I basically said that when things are going well, anticipate something going wrong! A while ago I read this somewhere and now I am hoping to start implementing it on a regular basis. After all how many times do you think somethings going brilliantly only for a hiccup to occur? By gearing up for problems, when they do actually happen you are much more prepared to take the hit. This is something that I’ve just experienced with a cancelled train journey on my first stage of my aforementioned trip! I could have thought to myself ‘British transport aye’ but instead I’m actually quite enjoying the spontaneity of it all.

One other thing…I’m going to start including a word of the day in my writings so as to broaden my vocabulary. Ultimately in this instance it is going to seem a bit contrived but hopefully as I continue it’ll become more natural.

Today I drank a redbrick espresso from Madame waffle in Lincoln. It was deliciously sweet and in no way fuliginous. Can you guess what the word of the day is?…

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