Do you know yourself?

To elaborate, I think it’s incredibly important in this day an age to know yourself.

Where are your strengths, what are your skills of course but also what gets you excited, enthusiastic?

Personally I find I can do far more good in far less time if I’m into something. This is turn affects the people around me. It’s contagious.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was a state you could operate from more often. Perhaps not all the time as that would be draining but then who’s to say that it’s wouldn’t be worth a try!?

To sum up do you. Once you know what you’re about and what drives you (your why) you will be far better equipped to tackle insurmountable obstacles that you may have dreamed up in the past.

Keep doing and experimenting until you have built up a collection of experiences to work from. This is the foundation. It’s important that you have a good one to build from and then go all in!

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