First off, #BlackLivesMatter.

Second, there’s a lot of white folks saying stuff right now.

And a lot of white folks saying stuff about white folks saying stuff.

And a lot of white folks saying stuff about white folks saying stuff about white folks saying stuff.

Say maybe, the calls to stop making those apologetic posts about being silent, but we didn’t want to center ourselves like everyone else, but we must all still be better, and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and hall of mirrors.

Mirelle Charper’s Ten Steps to Non-Optical Allyship seems like a succinct and actionable…

Hey gang.

Hope you are safe and well.

It’s been almost a month since we launched the virtual DIY venue H00PS.NET as both an idea and ‘a thing’.

In that month, we’ve hosted concerts from performers in NYC, Sydney, Vienna, and North Carolina**, raised funds for individual artists and COVID relief services, seen virtual openings for Eric Barry Drasin’s foward-thinking “Exit Strategy”, breathtaking concert environments by Martina Menegon, online galleries from Eric Souther’s Alfred Extended Media students, and the launch of Karin Gavassa and Algoritmi’s mind-bendingly beautiful cyber-club The Circle, based somewhere between Italy and the virtual expanse.


A few framing statements before jumping in here:

At the time of writing (and for the foreseeable future), the horrors of Democratic primaries, Biden, Trump, systemic inequity, bigotry, climate change, reactionary fascism, global pandemics, alternative facts, etc/et al. are all-encompassing and demand immediate attention and action. Do this first of course- Phone bank, donate, speak to neighbors, volunteer, act, go go go.

With that said, as the sickly hush of social distancing, canceled gigs, closed campuses and distance learning begins to descend, I find myself torn between short-term yet narrow questions (Is there food in the pantry? Is the…

The following is a letter written during the summer of 2018 to the NYTimes culture dept., op-ed dept., and as a letter to the editor after seeing the glowing review of an over-funded, unimaginative collaboration between the Martha Graham school and Google labs.

While it’s not shocking that the content machine is running at full, banal tilt, this one hit close to home, as the work seems to have been nothing more than the uncanny, zombie-like and luxe version of a piece I had been developing for years with collaborators on no budget using borrowed equipment after having been turned…

Matthew D. Gantt

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