The 10 best books I read in 2017 (out of 259)
Brian Sanders

Great piece and list. I read a lot of, but usually more articles than books. I buy books all the time and go to about 2–3 author talks/book signings a month. That said, I really would like to dig into more of these, and other, books this year. So, at the start of 2018 this article is right on time.

I enjoyed reading your top 10 selections, and appreciated you providing connect for each choice. As I looked through your complete book list for the year , a few questions came to mind.

I was struck by the breadth of subject matter. Perhaps you’ve written about this before, but how do you select the titles you read?

Do you purchase the books you read? Library? If purchased, do you hold onto the books or pass them on others or donate them? I’m trying to pare down the number of books we own, simply because of the amount of space available.

Finally, do you read/prefer physical books or e-books?

Happy reading in 2018!

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