Car shows are all too often cliquey, polarized events. Usually set on a single theme, marque, or even model, most shows tend to produce a homogeneous scene. Both the cars and the people in attendance are often all from a single car clique:

Datsun shows are full of Datsuns (the bulk of which tend to be 510s, Zs, and 620 trucks). …

How we use crowdsourcing to facilitate bystander intervention and make communities safer.

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Today, I looked up the fastest way to pick up my girlfriend from work. I’m new to the area, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect from rush hour traffic. So I pulled up my trusty Chrome window and clunked her work address into the search bar. After hitting a couple more buttons over the course of about 15 seconds, map of red squiggles was staring back at me like a taxonomy chart of the city’s auto arteries. …

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When powerful men try to rewrite history, we need to remind them that this is actually her story.

In 1982, a 15-year-old high schooler named Christine Blasey is at a party with four slightly older high school boys. Blasey is pushed into a room and assaulted by two boys. She thinks she might die that night — but the opportunity arises, and she escapes with her life.

It isn’t entirely intact, though.

For years she is haunted by the assault. She goes from being a “self-possessed,” popular young woman at her private high school, Holton-Arms, to being remembered well by only a select few while attending college. And the man who assaulted her? …

What happens when the one thing that has to work… doesn’t?

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Back in the day…

Back in the days of the landline, 911 dispatch locating you was a much simpler task. To many of us, the advancement of the cellphone — heck, some of you might not call it a cellphone anymore — the advancement of the smartphone is a bygone conclusion. The landline is dying on the vine, but this advancement isn’t all good news. We’ve been adding complexity to the 911 dispatch process.

You might have noticed with the newest iPhones that their SOS function is right out in the open. …

A look at news, media, and human behavior.

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If you’ve worked in PR, you know that it’s very difficult to get decent coverage of your company in news outlets. Personally, I’ve never had to go through the process of chasing down leads and sending press releases. But as a writer and a member of a dedicated content marketing team, I’ve seen the frustration of my public relations coworkers first hand.

It’s been leading me to wonder why it’s so hard to get our name out there. I mean, we’re making an app which is designed to combat sexual assault on…

Why preventing sexual assaults is going to mean redefining masculinity

Photo by strecosa on Pixabay

Male engagement is a significant limiting factor for sexual assault prevention organizations — reducing and preventing sexual violence can only be so effective if only those affected by such crimes are actively combating it.

Now that I work at a company trying to put an end to sexual assault, it makes me think:

Do men simply not care about sexual assault? Or are there deeper issues at hand when trying to engage men in prevention efforts?

“A Women’s Issue”

Some brief thought on the subject might lead to blaming general apathy men exhibit around a perceived women’s issue. Labeling the problem a women’s…

A guide by a man, for men.

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With everything that’s happening in the media — celebrities being outed for sexually assaulting people, CEOs resigning because they’ve “harassed” someone in the office (“serially”) — you feel like you’re just not quite sure where that line is. Even you, Joe Shmoe, hanging out on the sidewalk don’t know how to interact with women anymore. When is it appropriate to tell a woman how you feel about them, or the way they look?

Well, I hear you. And I get it. It’s all so confusing now. But here’s a quick FAQ explaining when it’s appropriate to catcall someone.

If a woman walks by and she just looks so good in those shorts, how do I let her know how I feel?

Tl;dr: You…

Trying to define a term that some say doesn’t exist.

In previous installments of the Gone Viral series here at Ulzi, you’ve read our discussions on terms that we think are misappropriated or misused (“When does masculinity become toxic?” and “Trigger warnings are not your meme fodder”).

This one’s going to be a little different.

It’s a term that isn’t just misused or misunderstood, it’s one that many people refuse to admit actually exists and impacts the lives of others. But here’s the deal: whether you believe it exists or not, rape culture has a serious impact on the lives of most women in America. …

WWDC Recap — You’re helping our app stop sexual assaults.

This week is Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and for many of us in the app industry, it’s an exciting event. In the keynote presentation, Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, addressed several new features and planned changes coming to iPhones with iOS 12. While many of the updates are run-of-the-mill improvements for Apple’s various operating systems, a few of them point to a loosening grip on third party integrations.

While Apple improves its overall operating systems, they seem to have dialed back on the restrictions they typically hold on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In the past…

Taking a closer look at the statistics suggests it’s actually worse than we thought, yet people say the numbers are inflated.

Illustration by Mike Miller

Cut the B.S.

The (is it still shocking?) statistic that 1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted during their college career dominates headlines.

Oftentimes, these headlines question the validity of the statistic, or worse yet, minimize the issue by speaking about “how far we’ve come.”

Cut the B.S. This statistic has been stagnant for decades, and congratulating society on ‘how far we’ve come though’ is detrimental to the movement to actually do something about sexual assault.

While we as a nation have made great strides in spreading awareness and information about sexual assault, movements like #MeToo cannot stop until the statistic has…

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