Components and props are an often confusing part of learning a framework like React. What can you break into it’s own component, how do you pass information back and forth, and just what is the difference between function and class?

Example of some React App code.

Let’s start with some quick definitions.
Components: Allow you to split up UI and functions into reusable and independent pieces. They are essentially like vanilla javascript functions and accept inputs (called “props”) that then return elements that dictate what should appear on the screen.
Props: short for properties are the parameters a React component accepts when they are created. …

“I am not a writer. I’ve been fooling myself and other people.” -John Steinbeck

They all know. They all know and they’re going to tell others and it’s only a matter of time until I’m found out.

Has a similar sentiment ever crept into your brain, taking your thoughts and turning them into a pit of panic and doubt? Have you ever looked around at your colleagues, classmates, or even friends and felt like you didn’t belong; that you weren’t worthy? That any success thus far was luck?

It’s called imposter syndrome, and it’s estimated that roughly 70% of people…

These are not my hands.

I never considered myself much of an artist when I was young. I saw other kids who could draw, play instruments, or otherwise display their creativity in interesting and artistic ways. I tried my hand at it but never found much success. Sadly my drawing never progressed much past stick figures and my song list on the guitar began and ended at ‘Yellow Submarine’. I instead found my creative outlet in public speaking and acting, resigning myself to expressing creativity through other’s words and believing I just wasn’t an artistic person.

That all changed in January of this year when…

Matt Donaldson

Front End Web Developer and cooker of things. Always learning.

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