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Steve Yzerman Steps Down in Tampa Bay


Multiple news are reporting that Detroit hockey legend Steve Yzerman has stepped down as General Manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Julien Brisebois will replace him as the new General Manager.

The news comes as a shock as Yzerman has had a successful run as general manager. Helene St. James reports that sources told her that he told the Free Press that he is returning home to Detroit.

At first, this would make Michigan area hockey salivate at the prospect of the favorite son returning home to run the save the struggling Red Wings. But, it would be too earlier to speculate on his intentions. He has maintained a home in the Detroit area since he left, so he could easily be coming back to spend time with family.

In addition, Yzerman would be a hot commodity on the open market. He won three Stanley Cups as a player. He won another as management. He was also the GM of Canada’s hockey program.

This should be interesting.

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