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What to Expect from Aquaman

Image: Warner Brothers

Aquaman is the next DC movie to come out.

DC is in a precarious position. The movie universe is on its last breath and any wrong move could cause catastrophic failure.

So as improbably as it sounds the DCEU’s fate might rest in the hands of Aquaman.

The movie was already facing an uphill battle with trying to make people care about one of the dorkiest characters in pop culture

There are some hard things to do in this world. Harvard Law School is not fun I’m told. Reaching the south pole isn’t exactly a picnic. But making Aquaman cool enough to warrant a movie is pretty much impossible.

So what do you do? You cast pretty much the coolest guy on the planet.

Image: Warner Brothers

Jason Momoa is a Guinness drinking, axe throwing, rock climbing force of nature. He already looks like he rides sharks to work. If you don’t want kids making fun of your movie this is who get.

But, even with the coolest guy in Hollywood, it’s still an uphill battle. How do you make a movie that takes place underwater without making it a crummy live action The Little Mermaid? The truth is you can’t really.

Last month the trailer dropped at Comic Con giving some insight into what we can expect from the movie.

The Trailer:

Overall the movie looks like it will be fun. Momoa looks like he’s having a blast. There are plenty of cool action pieces.

But there are a couple problems. One, it looks like at least a section of the movie is going to be devoted to the origin story. This is kind of dumb. We’ve already met Aquaman in Justice League, and going backwards is pretty silly. Yes, it worked in Wonder Woman, but so far everything about Wonder Woman is an anomaly in the DCEU. With Aquaman, we get it. He talks to fish.

Also, the underwater stuff doesn’t look that good. I think a lot of it is early CGI but it doesn’t look promising. DC’s track record with CGI is pretty bad. Justice League and Wonder Woman had lots of poorly rendered sections.

But it’s not all bad. Amber Heard as Mera looks great and her relationship with Arthur Curry looks entertaining. Also, the rightful heir takes his place has been done a lot but when it works; it works.

Also, people were riding sharks so count me in.

Personally as long as the movie doesn’t look like this:

I’ll be good.

Image: Fake Script I wrote
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