PR Stories for Liberty University

  1. International Student elected as head of engineering club.
  2. LU Send Now students help out the world and locally around Lynchburg.
  3. Liberty grads are changing the world, a closer look at how LU students are changing the world from racing to news.

Starbucks is known for how they personalize everything. So from their helping out the local food banks to company news, so their newsroom is diverse. This shows that they are willing to help out many different groups.

Best Buy Canada takes an interesting stance. They are able to not only donate to the local school systems by donating money, but incorporate the best parts of their company in that. This helps people make better brand association with them.

The Dollar General Newsroom looks at a different area. They focus almost solely on promoting their company through discounts and announcing new stores. This approach isn’t as useful for PR, but may help in a different way.

Petsmart has their job easy. They focus solely on animal adoption and welfare. This plays right into their purpose as a pet shop, to promote animals.

PBS Vegas is television funded by donations and the government so their job is different. Their newsroom has a lot of information about the company, who’s elected and what programming is coming. They did host a competition for local kids, which helps their PR stance.

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