Paper — Bring editing to your fingertips

I use Paper for everything — drawing, brainstorming, note-taking. It’s nearly replaced my need for a physical notebook in my life (except when I run out of batteries). It’s fair to say I’m in ❤️ with the app.

But like all relationships, sometimes I wish it knew me better. I wish it knew that when I brainstormed with Paper that there three most common tasks that I do is:

  1. Diagram
  2. Cut & Move
  3. Fill

And maybe it’s just me. I know I’m knit-picking here but it’s so painful to switch between these tasks that often go in tandem together.

  1. Pull up tray
  2. Pick tool
  3. Drag down tray
  4. Repeat ~ 20 times / brainstorm

It’s not the # of steps that frustrate me; it’s the interruption of thought. I’m halted to a complete stop. A simple swipe should get me going, but it takes time to accelerate back to the same fluid speed of thought.

Today, instead of enduring the interruptions. I want to take the time to share with Paper how we might make our relationship amazing again ✨.

Idea — move editing to your finger tips.

And here’s how it might work.