Their strategy works for other Instagrammers too.

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Photo by sobhan joodi on Unsplash

Early this year, I bumped into a model on a film set. We casually spoke, until she mentioned making $30,000 in 1 month during her final year of college.

I started picking her brain, and found out she:

  • Made a clothing line
  • Sold clothing on her website
  • Used Instagram for marketing

Starting a clothing line sounds daunting until you realize there’s something called print-on-demand — a service where print companies make branded clothing and send it to customers.

Anyway, a clothing line isn’t required to replicate her winning strategy. …

They don’t run a business, they run a movement

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Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash

The magic tricks major health brands use to convince you are slowly fading as people become more educated.

Gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan approved were top trigger words two years ago. People now understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.

Why Aren’t the Big Brands Adapting?

They’ve got the millions to create well-done marketing campaigns and charge lower prices. Their success relies on you being impulsed by the image of someone enjoying a meal and living a desirable lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this helps them get away with using highly-processed ingredients — the ones that look like science equations on product labels.

Anyway, there’s one thing they’re slowly realizing: People are getting more influenced by the day, and it’s hurting them. …

No mining. No trading. No referring — these transparent ways make cryptocurrency your full-time employee forever.

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Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

The day bitcoin reaches a high of $30K, you’ll either be in:

  • Group 1: Panic-buying crypto high along with retail
  • Group 2: Selling excess crypto while earning more the week after

Those in group 2 will have 1 thing in common — they’ll be using the latest innovations in crypto to compound their portfolio.

Group 1 will buy at $30K and sell everything when BTC dips to $28K.

We’ve seen this happen so many times…

To permanently escape group 1, consider using the 3 methods…

The 2nd one is the most important (but they all matter).

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

The truth about writing is harsh.

Because it’s easy to get started, most don’t think about getting guidance early — through introduction, training, or mentorship.

This means the path to writing success is a journey with no map.

That makes the time to reach your destination unclear, and the possibility of you getting there uncertain.

It’s like becoming a singer and choosing not to learn vocal techniques because you have a voice box.

A writing journey with a map is a process.

Until you’ve figured out a process to achieve your writing goals, you’ll always be in the realm of experimentation. …

3 years later, I can see valuable lessons

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Photo by whoislimos on Unsplash

In 2017, I created the world’s first Blockchain-Based Q&A Platform on iOS and Android called What Q&A.

What Had Me Thinking I Could Compete With Quora?

I believed in my idea so much, it made me immune to Quora’s presence.

My app wasn’t just a blockchain decorated Q&A app — it had an incentivized structure for users to be paid for asking and answering questions.

It was integrated with a blockchain that had a big community, so thousands of users were exposed to my app without me doing any work.

Best of all, they didn’t have to register to use it.

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What Q&A Decentralized Q&A App (deprecated)

So Why Did the App Fail?

Before making the app, I did a press release to get a POC (proof of concept), and the results were phenomenal. …

No.7 is the secret to long-term profitability

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Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

Creating a startup is difficult — only if you’re doing it the old way. Many founders create a startup just to end up doing everything and achieving nothing. With the right tools and resources, you can avoid their mistakes and start profitable.

This process will help you if:

  • You’ve got some capital saved, and need clear directions to do things efficiently
  • You have a highly demanded skill, and would like to create a business out of it
  • You’ve tried building a business before

Now, here is the 9-step process to build a startup from scratch:

1. Have a Proven Business Model

This is critical as most startups fail due to offering a service that the market isn’t interested in. You need to put the odds in your favor by using a business model that’s already successful. This will shortcut your process to profitability so it’s imperative to get this step right. …

Make the right moves while we head into the bull market.

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People don’t care about the transparency of payments — many blockchain businesses have fallen into the trap of believing they do and are now receiving the consequences of it.

The blockchain businesses that succeeded in both bear and bull markets understood they must quickly master 3 things:


Are there enough people that need your service?

You’ve got to conduct market research and also do several actions to obtain a proof of concept (POC) — this is receiving confirmation of your idea, and it’s done by:

  • Creating an MVP and getting feedback from a test group.
  • Website marketing and see how many people sign up for the newsletter. …

Abuse them, so your business exists during 2025.

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Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

The key to business success in a volatile world:

Position Instead of Predict

Your small business needs unplanned adapting abilities to position itself for safety. To achieve this, you must:

  • Work flexibly: Becoming fully or partially remote.
  • Receive consistent income: Testing and refining funnels.
  • Reduce expenses: Being efficient and leveraging free tools.

This structures your business to innovate and avoid dog-eat-dog competition. More importantly, you’ll be immune to sudden changes in your industry caused by unexpected events.

Next, You Position Yourself Higher Than Competitors

It’s easy — copy what works for them while being different. Once you fit in, you disappear. You need a front-row seat in the minds of your customers. …

Blockfolio and Delta won’t find ways to limit your trading losses — these apps will…

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Source: Matthew Enubuje

You’re in crypto and looking for ways to manage your trading activity or understand what trading styles have been working for you.

Crypto portfolio trackers have been helping investors with real-time monitoring and it could also help you become a profitable trader.

What is a crypto portfolio tracker? App dashboards of coins you hold across many exchanges. They include prices, holdings, alerts, and related news, but there’s a problem with most of them…

Most aren’t made for traders.

Popular apps like Blockfolio and Delta don’t have the tools or features to consistently track trading progress. …

It made the Xbox One reveal look like a paid video ad

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Of course, the console design looks like everything under the sun — WiFi router, espresso machine, and even a reverse oreo. This was enough to generate interest, but there were more marketing tactics making the reveal legendary. The PS5 reveal easily competes with the CyberTruck and iPhone X reveal.

From start to finish, Sony strategically captured and delivered to all the audiences in their ecosystem. Console reveals are usually events where the host is over-speaking on what nobody cares about; Xbox leads in this format.

This time, Sony generated as much buzz a console reveal can and added months of longevity to the PS5 hype. …


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