The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

Mr Allworth thanks for the thoughtful, if misguided, article. Strangely you miss the point of your own argument.

Apple’s stand on privacy is indeed correct and brave. Obama, Trump and others calling for Apple to break into the phone are completely wrong. Privacy is a fundamental right, nothing on that phone will be worth eroding the liberties of hundreds of millions of US citizens. On this we agree.

The gist of your argument with regard to the iPhone is that Freedom is worth defending. I couldn’t agree more.

You call for gun prohibition is completely contrary to your stance on Freedom however. The citizens of the US must always have the means to overthrow the government as a last resort. The citizens must have a defense against the very overreach that you are describing.

I won’t rehash the all tired arguments from the gun grabbers. They are all rubbish including yours. Australia hardly had any gun crime before the ban, noting that their is little gun crime after the ban doesn’t show a causation.

The citizens of Syria, Iraq, China, France, England, Russia and a thousand other tyrannies throughout history were stripped of their weapons and reduced to subservience. A citizen willing and able to defend Freedom for themselves and posterity is the best strategy against the very tyranny that you fear.

To recast, Freedom only means something if you stand by it when it is inconvenient.