A Creepy Crawl Through Chicago’s Favorite Neighborhood

If you’re looking for the best Halloween activities in Chicago, look no further than the River North Halloween Bar crawl.

Chicago and autumn go together as well as pumpkin spice and well, every food imaginable. (Seriously. Even actual pumpkins now come in pumpkin spice flavor. It’s amazing!) But what really makes fall a time to remember is that favorite holiday where we are all allowed to embrace our inner child for one night (or maybe a long weekend?) a year. A celebration of creativity, the last “hurrah” before we buckle down for a long winter’s night, and an opportunity to be someone- or something- we’ve always wanted to be- in a neighborhood that is everything we could hope it could be- equals Halloween in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

As home to the city’s most diverse selection of restaurants and bars, what better way to explore them than with a group of friends, hopping from one great spot to the next, all while dressed up in costumes such as Donald Trump’s hair or Ryan Lochte’s conscience (warning: this costume consists of very little!)

Along the crawl, you’ll find margaritas from Moe’s Cantina on Kinzie- we suggest the Holy Water!- and an extensive beer selection at Bull & Bear on Wells Street. Hungry? Why wait for dinner. Stop by Old Crow Smokehouse for some barbecue, and while you’re there, try the Gold Rush. It’s basically the fall season shaken and poured into a shot glass.

And if you think this is just a simple bar hop, well, like that time you went out trick or treating in body paint and it rained, you would be wrong. Drinking and costuming is only part of it. Tickets get you a dinner buffet, a bunch of discounts to local businesses, and a chance to call yourself the winner of the 2016 River North Costume Contest. We know what you’re thinking: this is already better than the aforementioned ‘body paint year’!

Drinks, food, and prizes aside, Halloween is a unique opportunity for locals and other neighborhoods to come together, celebrate their community, and show off a little creativity, all in good spirit. Unlike other holidays, Halloween is less about beliefs and history, and more about the culture of being whoever you want to be, judgement free, and enjoying the company of others. And celebrating this freedom is even more rewarding in a neighborhood that has such a vibrant history of creativity and entertainment.

So put down those pumpkin spice crackers, pick up that body paint again, and start getting creative. Only this time, maybe bring a jacket.

Got your costume ready? Purchase your tickets for this years Halloween Bar Crawl. Oh, and we’ve got the perfect view of it all from our rooftop at EnV Chicago.