Feature Film Screenplay Revision Number: One-Million-and-One

I am going back and forth between writing two feature film screenplays. One screenplay I plan to sell, the other, is one I hope to helm as my first feature film. Both scripts are giving me difficulties in ways writing all screenplays do, but the one stressing me out most, is the one I want to direct — “Wednesday’s Children.” So much time has passed since the concept for this script(about a pregnant young woman named Christina, struggling to make a momentous choice concerning her unborn in an era plagued with the living dead) introduced itself to me. Zombie pop culture staples like “28 Days Later,” and “The Walking Dead,”(the comic, not the show which precedes the tv series by seven years) did not exist when I first began writing Christina’s perilous search for hope and salvation in a withering world. Had my earlier life plans gone according to plan, the first installment of the “Wednesday’s Children” trilogy would’ve been produced and released long before the oversaturation of zombie movies and everything else related to the roving, ravenous dead.

But life did not work out as planned. Things went off track for quite some time.

After many, many attempts of course correction, things have gotten back on track and I’m currently living the dream as an indie filmmaker. Recently I’ve started pre-production work on the upcoming episodes of my brother and fellow filmmaker, Kevin’s horror web series, “The Sin Reapers.” I’m also producing and directing a dramatic zombie short film to be lensed this Spring.

In between these and other creative endeavors, I’m scribing the umpteenth draft of the “Wednesday’s Children” feature film. I’ve written sixty pages of the newest revision so far and the story is about to venture into the third act. I pretty much know how the remainder of Christina’s full-length cinematic tale is going to unfold. What I don’t know so much, is the quality of the script. I’m constantly having harsh, draining debates with myself over whether the script is good or not? If it’s worth making? One moment, I believe I’ve written a worthy and promising work. Five minutes later, a negative notion will creep in and negate all the positive feelings I had and have me aching to do a page one rewrite.

I’m very aware this is my overly critical, perfectionist part of me getting in the way, that I must ignore it, and stay the course to completion. But awareness doesn’t necessarily make crippling doubt feel less real or intimidating when it tries to obstruct or overpower you.

I love writing. I truly do. To create something — anything — you want out of nothing but blank space, is unbelievably beautiful and enriching. I cannot imagine my life without doing it. I wouldn’t want to. But there are times, when it can be a crushing chore.

This station of stagnation will soon be passed. And this train will inevitably reach its destination.

One day, the “Wednesday Children” trilogy will be realized onscreen and I wholeheartedly believe it will be the absolute best it can be.

I gotta finish writing it first, though! :D