RIP Mr. Paxton

Another one of the great ones, Bill Paxton, passed away yesterday. I watched a lot of Bill Paxton’s work growing up. Some of my all-time favorite classics like THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS and NEAR DARK became as masterful as they are due in part to his intense, indelible and malleable performances. It was because of Bill Paxton, that my eleven-year old self became aware of the often unsung but immeasurably important role of the “character actor.” Mr Paxton eventually was able to attain the status as a lead actor, but it was his character acting work that impacted me the most. His filmmaking abilities also left a huge impression, directing one of the strongest and compelling horror films from the 00’s, FRAILTY.

The passing of Bill Paxton has me feeling like another part of my childhood has died and has doubly re-enforced the knowledge of the fleeting fragility of life. My heart goes out to Mr. Paxton’s loved ones.

Mr. Paxton, you entertained and moved the world with your amazing work. You will be forever missed.

RIP Bill Paxton (May 17th, 1955 — February 25th, 2017)

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